As we stay at home during the Covid crisis, we may not always have all of the ingredients we usually use to prepare our food. Here are some ingredient substitutions you can make.


1 tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flaxseed whisked together with 3 tablespoons of water until fully absorbed and thickened replaces 1 egg. This substitution is best in pancakes, muffins, cookies or waffles.

1/4 cup applesauce can also replace 1 egg. This can be used in any recipe for baked goods.


Equal amounts of any nut-based milk, coconut milk or soy milk can be substituted for cow’s milk. Keep in mind that flavored or sweetened milk alternatives will alter the taste of the recipe. Almond milk works best in sweet dishes. Soy milk can be used when a creamier texture is desired for sauces or casseroles.


Fresh herbs typically do not last long in the fridge. Dried spices are a great shelf-stable alternative that can flavor up any dish. Dried spices are more potent than fresh herbs and therefore used in smaller quantities in recipes: In general, for every 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh herbs substitute 1 teaspoon of dried herbs.


Now that special occasions are required to be celebrated at home, you may want to bake a cake. If you don’t have cake flour, here’s what you can do: Measure out 1 cup of all-purpose flour and remove 2 tablespoons. Mix in 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and then sift together before using. This makes 1 cup of cake flour.


Vanilla bean, which makes excellent flavoring and scenting for baked goods, is not often kept on hand. If you want that vanilla taste in your recipes, you can substitute the more commonly used vanilla extract: 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract substitutes for 1 Vanilla bean.


Different types of sugars can contribute different flavors and textures to a recipe. Liquid sweeteners, such as Maple syrup, honey or agave can be substituted for white sugar in a recipe: In general, for every 1 cup of white sugar, substitute 3/4 cup of any liquid sweetener. Keep in mind that the flavor and texture of the final product could vary.