I’m so grateful to have found a nutrition practice that accepts my insurance. I’ve realized that “nutrition” is not only about food — it encompasses how I view myself, how I’m feeling, how I socialize, etc. I have struggled with regimented calorie-counting for years, and my nutritionist is helping me to develop a healthier relationship with food and my body. I know that I still have a long way to go, but I can tell that I’ve made progress in the year since I began nutrition therapy, and I feel supported, challenged and encouraged. Thank you.”  

— Kimberly T.

“I am about to celebrate my 10 yr anniversary at Midtown. It has been one of the most important things in my life. While I know what I am supposed to do, everyone loses focus from time to time. Coming here puts the focus back for me and has allowed me to lose wt and keep it off.”

— Jeff T.

“I recently lost an extreme amount of weight secondary to a chronic illness. The wt loss caused me to lose muscle mass and energy. I have been under the care of an RD who mapped out a weight gain plan with me that has not only aided me in regaining weight, but has enhanced the quality of my life. I’m swimming once again and excelling at life enriching activities. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I would highly recommend Midtown Nutrition Care to all my friends requiring nutritional intervention.”

— Janis B.

“After struggling with anorexia for over 10 yrs I can’t stress enough how important my nutritionist is to me. She really understands what I am going through and helps me work through concrete problems. I am so glad to have her as part of my treatment team.”

— Julie H.

“I feel very comfortable coming here. My nutritionist understands me and my needs. Though my weight fluctuates by a few pounds, I haven’t gained in the long run, thanks to my nutritionist. Up until I started coming I would gain 3-4 lbs every year. Now I know that I won’t gain any more because my nutritionist cares about me and my well being! Her guidance is a huge push in the right direction.”

— Esther G.

“I like my nutritionist because she is very kind and understanding. She treats me like family and she always helps me make the best decisions on what I should eat, and not eat. She advises me on things that I can do to help me lose weight, so that I can eventually achieve the desired weight I would like to be at.”

— Lisa V.

“I like Midtown Nutrition Care because it’s a warm and inviting environment and my nutritionist is actually someone who I can sit down and talk to about my concerns. I would take her advice any day of the week.”

— Evelyn M.

“Extremely effective and genuinely personable. Have experienced growth and support. Excellent support through counseling in achieving my goals.”

Charles B.

“My nutritionist is great. I’ve had a couple of appointments with various nutritionists at other places in the past but no one really listened to what my issues were. My nutritionist at Midtown Nutrition really listened to me and gave great advice. Each week we worked together on my plan for a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this practice to anyone who is ready to make a life change and really work on a healthy lifestyle.”

— Leila J.

“I have been seeing my nutritionist for two years for ongoing issues. My nutritionist is compassionate, understanding, and encouraging. I have only received constructive guidance, and a willingness to research alternative methodologies to keep me on track. I would recommend, and already have done so, to anyone who needs the expertise provided here.”

— Janice M.

“As a morbidly obese person who had been avoiding doctor’s visits for over 30 years the medical emergency of atrial fibrillation was extremely frightening. I had always known that someday I would have to do different things. I did know that I could lose weight if I wanted to. Although I am IQ smart, I do not know much about nutrition. I knew to accomplish my goal I would need help. I needed someone knowledgeable, kind, motivating, calm, confident, committed. My nutritionist taught me portion control and accepted my conditions (vegetarian, do not cook, not wealthy). I was shocked when they weighed me and said I weighed 279 lbs. Today I’m working at maintaining 137 lbs and I do work at it every day. My cardiologist was so pleased with my dedication and transformation that she nominated me for an American Heart Association Lifestyle Change Award. My journey must be forever.”

— Debra S.

“For the last 3 months I have been visiting a nutritionist at Midtown Nutrition. When I started I weighed close to 300 lbs, have since lost 25-30, depending on the day and how good or bad I’ve been eating. I have a lot more to lose needless to say but between exercising and nutrition help I stand a chance of further success. Believe me, I have no interest in deciphering nutrition labels or any of the complicated nutrition “stuff,” but slowly and surely I am learning how to eat more sensibly. So, so far, so good. I figure this will be a lifetime learning process and will take me years to get to an ideal, livable weight, but what else have I got to do that matters as much? Give it a try whoever you are and good luck. Just take it one step at a time. I can’t believe I just said that but it happens to be true. “

— Nancy H.