Start off the New Year by giving your diet some variety. Lots of new products have hit the shelves including a number of plant-based food options.

COCONUT JERKY made by Cocoburg is vegan friendly and gluten free, made from coconut meat and coconut aminos. It does not have the same nutritional profile as beef or turkey jerky, but does have a similar consistency and some tasty flavors, such as Ginger Teriyaki and Chili Lime.

LAVVA is one of the newest non-dairy yogurts to hit the grocery stores. This yogurt is made from the Pili nut, grown in tropical volcanic soil, native to the Philippines. This nut is similar to most nuts and has a high content of Vitamin E. This vegan friendly yogurt has no added sugars and lots of probiotics.

BUMBLE BEE has a new line of seasoned tuna pouches. These are a great add-on to salads or just with some crackers or whole grain pita. They come in a variety of flavors such as Sriracha, Chipolte and Lemon Sesame Ginger. Each pouch has 14 grams of protein.

MUUNA is a cottage cheese with a creamier consistency then regular cottage cheese and has 15 grams of protein per container. This snack option comes in several flavors. It has real fruit chunks and contains 9 grams of sugar per serving. It is also free of hormones.

LA CROIX is a sparkling water that will help you stay hydrated with a splash of flavor. It’s a great replacement for sweetened teas, sodas and fruit filled beverages. It has zero calories, zero sugar and no artificial flavors: the flavors come from the natural essence oils extracted from the specific fruit.

OATLY is a nondairy milk made from oats. It’s gaining popularity among baristas as it foams well. It’s enriched with calcium, and comes in regular, low fat and chocolate flavor. There is also an oat spread which is a great substitute for cream cheese. In addition, they make an oat-inspired ice cream.

REGRAINED SUPERGRAIN BARS are a sustainable food. When beer is brewed, the brewing process removes sugar and leaves behind protein, fiber and micronutrients. These contents are then milled down to flour and added to the bars. The bars are also non-GMO and made with all organic ingredients.